Bug Plug [Bumped and Promoted Post]

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Advanced sales not what they should be.

C’mon, people.  This is a good show.  Yeah, I know.  "Eeeeeew.  But it’s about bugs!!  Who wants to see a play about bugs?!?"

Look, it ain’t about bugs.  I mean, it deals with bugs superficially, but it is about love, loss, fear, paranoia.  It’s a mystery in the tradition of Lost and X-Files — and a dark comedy — all rolled into one.  And best of all, it will ENGAGE you.  You will leave the theater arguing with your friends, theorizing about who/what was good/evil, and even wondering if you all saw what you thought you saw.

Outstanding performances by Kelly Wallace, Mark March, and the supporting cast.  Nicely detailed set by Jeff Driver.

Seriously, Underdog will be on video in a few months, and you can see it then (although you probably already know what you’re in for without seeing it).  But this is a show you will think about for some time to come.

August 17-19 & 24-26, 2007
Performed at SECCA, 750 Marguerite Street, Winston Salem
All shows at 8 pm, except Sundays at 2 pm.



P.S.  Theater is air-conditioned….

UPDATE:  Via Kelly, life imitates art:

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