What It Feels Like To Be Mauled By A Grizzly Bear

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It gnawed on my head, and I could feel flesh tearing away. I grabbed the animal by the throat; its fur felt like a dirty wet dog, only thicker. I hit it with a rock, but the rock crumbled, so I wiggled back into the fetal position. Its teeth cut deep into the bottom of my skull; I actually heard bone cracking. I ripped myself loose and plunged another twenty feet down and into a crevice. The grizzly couldn’t reach me. The terrain was too steep. It turned away, and a few seconds later I heard Jenna scream. And then I heard absolutely nothing. I touched the top of my head and felt only bone. What was left of my scalp hung in front of my face, and I couldn’t open my right eye.

Yeah.  That’s pretty much what I expected it would feel like…