The Full Monty: Closing Week

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I walked through the stage door without much excitement.  We were about to enter Week 4 — the final week — of "Full Monty" performances.  Don’t get me wrong — I love doing the show, but I knew what to expect.  We had all been away from the show for over four days, so naturally, we weren’t going to be as crisp.  Plus, it was a Thursday night audience — typically not a large, nor vocal, audience.

Could I have been more wrong?

Last night’s audience was the largest we’ve had to date — in excess of 500 — and they were LOVING it. (UPDATE:  Just found out it was a benefit for a new shelter opening in G’boro).  More importantly, the cast was tight.  A substitute pianist — who was good, but different — was a little off-throwing (not that the audience noticed), but our new "flyboy" Robby (with whom I acted in "Miss Firecracker") handled the ropes like he’d been there all along.  Jamie (our esteemed director) commented that it was one of the best Thursday evening performances he’d seen of any show, and I have to agree — both from a performance perspective and from an audience-reaction perspective, it was top-notch.

I think the four days rest did everyone a lot of good.  We had been going full steam for quite a while — the second weekend of the Winston-Salem run, then the week of tech in Greensboro, then the first weekend in Greensboro.  It wears on everyong, especially the leads.

Only three performances left.  After the show last night, Allie, who was seeing the show for the second time, asked if I would miss it.  I thought for a second.  "Yeah, I really will".

But just because I will miss it doesn’t mean you should miss seeing it.  Or seeing it again.  Info for tickets on the right hand column.