Lifted (and Other Things)

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(1) I haven’t seen "Ratatouille", but I hear it’s really good.

I also hear that the animated short, "Lifted", that they show before the feature is pretty good too.  Not only do I hear it; I know it.  Because here it is…..

In my humble opinion, what Disney was to the 20th century, Pixar will be to the 21st.

(2)  A guy visited (and made purchases at) every Starbucks in Manhattan — in one day.  Anyone who has been to New York lately knows this is an incredible feat — there are 171 of them on that small island.  That means he had to visit one every seven minutes over the course of 20 hours.  He made a movie of it, which you can see on the 171 Starbucks website.

(3)  Reviews of "Xanadu" (I’m talking the new Broadway musical version) are pretty bad:

For the New York Times, Charles Isherwood writes that "’This is like children’s theater for 40-year-old gay people!’

Clive Barnes in the NY Post writes "…in the end, “Xanadu” reminded me of something, and it wasn’t “Starlight Express” or even disco. It was “Ishtar.”"

For Reuters and the Hollywood Reporter, Frank Scheck writes that "Unfortunately, such self-consciousness is not likely to increase your enjoyment of this slipshod enterprise, which belongs more in a fringe festival than on Broadway. Despite running a mere 90 minutes, it quickly proves wearisome in its one-note camp attitude."

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