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From a reader:

I typed in ‘latest news on ed brown’ into google and some how i got to this pathetic excuse for a website! wow the above statement is one of the stupidest things ive ever read; you say ‘false arguments’ for all those points but dont explain why theyre false (hint hint you cant prove that theyre false cause at least the 1st 4 are 100% fact). Do yourself a favor and watch the movie "America Freedom to Facism" I understand why the main-stream media reports so bias on this story but when joe-blow nobodies like yourself give theyre opinion after your supposed ‘research’ and still feel that the Browns are wrong, it makes me wonder if the US will ever straighten itself out. By the way the only celebrity you look like there is ofcourse chunky Newman.

He’s referring to this post about Ed Brown, the guy in New Hampshire who involved a months long standoff with the state and federal government for refusing to pay their taxes.

Thank you for sharing!