About Lisa Nowak, The Diaper-Wearing Stalker Astronaut Lady

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SonyvtrDespite a frustrating amount of "Inaudibles" and blacked out language, I found the transcripts of her police interview to be riveting. 

Nowak is clearly stressed, but able to somewhat control the interview.  Somewhat.  She doesn’t seem to comprehend the trouble she is in, and seems more concerned about getting information about her romantic rival than anything else.

On the opposite side of the dialogue,…:

Detective Becton comes across as an adept interviewer who carefully employs the whip and the feather—alternately challenging and comforting Nowak, while acknowledging her accomplishments in space. At one point, he tells her that he brought his daughter to see her shuttle launch last July 4th. “I’ve got all the video clips, four, five, six video clips. It was the very first shuttle my daughter saw go up,” he says. He also suggests that Nowak see a counselor: “You have a lot going on inside of you. It’s either a lot of pain, a lot of anger, or it’s both. And right now you’re bottling it up a lot.”

It’s a nice little cat-and-mouse game. 

Part One of the transcript

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