3D Email

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How many times have you been pouring through your email, thinking to yourself, "Gosh! I wish this email was in 3-D?"

Well, now you can enjoy your e-mail in 3-D.  Yes, FINALLY!

By the pool.

Where other swimmers and sunbathers represent your emails.

I guess.

Where spam (represented by thong-wearing fat guys?) gets fed to the virtual sharks.

I think.

Honestly, I can’t decide if this is cool or really really stupid.  Or maybe even a hoax?

Visit the 3D Mailbox website and figure it out for yourself:

Think of 3D Mailbox as email meets videogame. Or as an email metaverse. Do you love videogames? Are you passionate about email? Then 3D Mailbox is for you. It’s e-mail for the visual generation.

3D Mailbox turns your emails into people: In the first level, Miami Beach, beautiful models represent good email, and goofy Sumo guys represent spam. Chill with your email poolside and in private cabanas, and feed your spam to the sharks! The beautiful locales and Brazilian background music make you feel like you’re on vacation any time of the day.