Kaye Saves A Slow Friday

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Just when I thought there was going to be nothing interesting to comment, rave, rail, or blather about, along comes a Kaye Grogan column.  Happy days.  What’s on Kaye’s mind today?

Give half of Congress pink slips

Grogan_bThat’s the title of her column.  Note the stylistic avoidance of capital letters.  Kaye’s getting all e.e. cummings on us.

Unduly some things never change.

"Unduly"?  I do no think that word means what you think it means.

Take for instance the "rhetoric" in congress.

Looks like Kaye has "visited" one of "my" favorite "websites".

More than 80 percent of Americans are opposed to the road to amnesty for a bunch of lawbreakers. Oh, I forgot . . . amnesty by any other name, is still not amnesty according to many diehard proponents who think we can’t see through their deception.

Well, unless that lawbreaker is "Scooter Libby".  Then those on the right are all for amnesty.

Even sheep get tired of the wool being pulled over their eyes.

Kaye has empirical proof of this.  Don’t ask how.

Here’s the deal: The Democrats want to flood the United States with foreigners, so they can stay in power, and completely eradicate the Republican Party and conservative Christians…

Curses!  How did she get our playbook?!?  Who squealed???

— otherwise they wouldn’t be so pro-amnesty for a bunch of vigilantes who refuse to not only obey our laws, but show deep disdain for authority.

I guess so . . . what authority?

"I guess so"?  You make a bold statement and then reply (to yourself) "I guess so"?  I feel like I’m eavesdropping on a conversation with Sybil.

And the Republicans want to payback corporate America for campaign goodies.

In other words: big businesses and special interest groups currently own America and your government. If you believe anything contrary to the writing on the wall — there is little hope of returning America back to its rightful owners — the American people.

I always believe everything I read on walls, Kaye.  Lay off.

Don’t believe for one minute, the incessant claim 10 or even 20 million people cannot be deployed out of the country over a period of time.

She’s right.  It’s not hard to do.  All it takes is the will to remove millions of ethnic people from your country.  That, and lots of SS soldiers. 

It’s total lunacy to reward people for invading a country, taking to the streets, demanding rights they don’t or shouldn’t have.

You know that part in the Declaration of Independence that says that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights"?  That doesn’t really apply to "all" men.

The Constitution of the United States has a provision intact where it guarantees the country will be protected against foreign invasions by our military. So what happens with our current government? Not only are we "unprotected" against foreign invaders — our government is blatantly encouraging the influx of foreigners to continue coming on over in droves.

Kaye is, of course, a Native American.  What?  She’s not?

And if this "in your face" attitude isn’t bad enough — the border patrol agents have their hands tied behind their backs, many of them punished whenever they try to do their duty. Is this treasonous behavior or what?

You decide.

Decide?  Me?  Well, I’m no expert here, but it seems to me that having your hands tied behind your back would make your job more difficult.

Frankly, I’m getting tired (with the majority of other people) with the immigration issue being at the forefront of everything else, unsettled.

Are you tired with the majority of people, or tired along with the majority of people?

We are most likely the laughing stock of the world, because we’re supposed to be the super power of the world, and yet we can’t or won’t control our own borders.

Yes, those foreigners are laughing at us.  What a joke this country is, they say, as they clamor to come in to our country seeking rights and freedoms.

Let’s just get over the notion that we are required to take everybody and their brother who want to migrate to America.

Yeah, screw that "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…".  Somebody should blow up that bitch commie Statue of Liberty.

Yes, we are a nation founded by immigrants, along with all the other countries, and yet the other countries enforce their immigration laws — including Mexico.

All other countries were founded by immigrants?  But (sputter, sputter) where did all those immigrants come from?  And so on and so on….

Yes, we are a diverse country. But this is not something to brag about — considering the old adage: a house divided against itself will fall.

Kaye, honey.  Diverse doesn’t mean divisive.  You have this borderline racist us-vs.-them mentality, and then you complain about a "divided" country?

Look, it’s quite simple.  If you don’t want a divided house, maybe you should stop running around the living room with a chainsaw, you know what I mean?

And there is definitely more than enough diversity to go around here in America.

Right.  We allowed them coloreds to come in (they were sooooo willing) — that’s plenty of diversity!  Now we’re supposed to let in brown people?

Folks you’ve been had in the worst way. As you have slept, your country has been given away right from underneath your drooping eyelids. You have (thus far) been content at being complacent, assuming everything will work itself out in the end.

Oh, I love it when Kaye gets all Emma Goldman on us.

Everyday you work your fingers to the bone, so the government can tax your earnings beyond oblivion, to reward people who won’t work — while your American dream keeps diminishing as you’re forced to face the cruel reality that the dream just doesn’t exist — courtesy of your leaders.

Well, shit, Kaye.  Now I’m just depressed.  Thanks for bumming me out and reminding me how worthless and futile my life is.

While the "grassroots" effort of those adamantly opposing the current S. 1348 immigration amnesty bill has gotten a reprieve, this is not the time to rest on your laurels, but to rise up even stronger opposing the disastrous bill that is far from resting in peace.

What would you have us do, Kaye?  Burn it?

With Democratic and Republican bullies being propelled by big corporations to faze out the American laborers in favor of cheap labor — the time is now — not later — to show them whose boss.

Tony Danza?  Judith Light?

What we really need in this country . . . is a shortage of jobs in Congress, and a pile of pink slips.

Wait, wait, wait.  You’re not just saying we should fire our representatives, but to actually take away those positions?  Meaning what?  Doing away with Congress?  Yeah, that’ll work.