Digby Outted

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Anyone who knows anything about the political blogosphere knows of Digby, the witty writer of Hullabaloo.

Many is the time when other bloggers (including myself) have written posts with the title "What Digby Says" and simply linked to, well, what Digby said.  Insightful and witty, with the ability to focus on with laser-beam accuracy on the issues of the day (and usually in less than 100 words!) — that’s Digby.

Of course, for years, nobody knew who Digby actually was!

But yesterday, Digby made a public appearance at a Take Back America conference, with other blogger all-stars.  He speaks well, too.

Uh, did I say he?

Video from the Gala Dinner at Take Back America 2007 in Washington, DC – June 19, 2007. The blogosphere’s most famous unknown makes herself known, and accepts the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award on behalf of the entire progressive blogosphere.

What Digby says indeed.  Her speech, like her posts, is noteworthy, as Greenwald notes.