Breaking News: Iraq War Not Just A “Civil” Internal One Anymore

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Turkey invaded?  Oh, great.

UPDATE:  Avarosis gives the 30-second background and analysis about the possible implications:

In a nutshell, Turkey is worried, has been worried, about the Kurds in northern Iraq. (You’ll recall that Iraq is mainly made up of three groups, Kurds, Sunnis and Shias.) Turkey has a good number of Kurds in eastern Turkey – 20% of Turkey’s entire population is Kurdish, and 50% of the entire Kurdish diaspora is in Turkey. Some of those Kurds started a violent separatist movement in the 1980s…

Turkey does not want to see the Kurds in northern Iraq gain their independence, lest the Kurds in Turkey choose to join them, splitting Turkey in two and leading to all-out civil war. But if Turkey invades Iraq in order to quell the anti-Turk insurgents there, the question remains as to how many troops Turkey will send, how far into Iraq they will go, and just how long they plan to stay. Will Turkey effectively annex northern Iraq? And what will that do to US efforts to quell the growing civil war nationwide? In effect, we’d have yet another all-out war to deal with in the north. And it’s not clear whose side we’d choose – Turkey is a NATO ally and we could not accept the division of Turkey, but are we really going to start down the path of dividing up Iraq, which not only could make the current civil war explode even bigger, it could end up creating a Shia state that sides with Iran.

UPDATE:  Details still sketchy.  In fact, the Kurds are denying they’ve been invaded (yet).