This Is My 4,000th Post

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What?  No cake?

The blogswarm from yesterday seems to have abated somewhat.  All-in-all, about 6,000 visits to my site between 1:00 p.m. and the end of the day.  But traffic is still heavy so far today (including a visit from someone at the office of the Army Director of Information Management — hmmm……), due to Sully’s link to my post about Pat Tillman.

This is data as of 10:15 a.m. :


Sitemeter is telling me I’m still getting about 100 per hour at the moment.  But people are only staying an average of 50 seconds.  I toyed once with the idea of picking up some extra revenue from advertising — this tells me its still a waste of time.

UPDATE:  Looks like heavy traffic is slowing the site a bit.  Going to turn off the webcam for a while…..

Technorati/Alexa is telling me, based on the past two years data, that I have international appeal.  52.2% of my visitors are from the United States, 8.7% are from Iran, and 4.3% from the following countries: United Arab Emirites, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Hungary, Israel, India, Mexico, and New Zealand.  Not sure I trust those figures.

And I guess the Aussies hate me.

Of course, that’s data for the past couple of years.  Today (so far), my traffic seems to be from the US of A, as one would expect:


Hey!  Here’s a nice factoid — whereas I am now ranked #265,739 of all websites (not just blogs) for United States users, I am ranked #50,330 for users in Tunisia.  So welcome, Tunisians.  I love your republic, and enjoy knowing that your chief exports are olives, olive oil, grain, and almonds, as well as zinc and various petroleum products.  I hope you are enjoying your temparate climate in the north, with its mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.

Okay.  Enough of this self-indugence.  On to post # 4001….. AND BEYOND!!!!!