There’s Modesty And Then There’s TOO Modest

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If you got it, flaunt it, they say.  But for some of us (myself included), bathing suit season makes us self-conscious.  Well, now there’s a solution —

Our Waterwear is the first to be introduced because the need for modesty in swimwear is greatest and the supply is non-existent.  Swimwear that "highlights the face, rather than the body" includes an undergarment with bright colors at the neck and shoulders to draw the eye to the face.

Here’s an example:


Those are actual swimsuits.  Here’s the online catalogue — you’ll notice that most of the swimsuits are in the festive color of… black.  (I also note: no modest swimsuits for men…]

I can’t think of a better way to communicate to the whole world "Hey! I really hate my body so much that I am doing you a favor by covering it up as much as possible."

Now, to be fair, we’ve all witnessed the horror of flabby middle-aged men who apparently think that wearing a speedo will actually make them look fit.  And yes, people like that should be fined heavily by the fashion police. 

But do we have to be so prurient that we cannot show just a little flesh?  I mean, by all means, I see the virtue in leaving something to the imagination.  But come on!!  What’s next — burqua swimsuits?!?  [UPDATE: I had to ask…]

None of us are as pretty as the models in TV and commercials.  Including the models themselves.  Time for an oldie but goodie:

[H/T: Lee Ann Chrisco]