“The Seventh Sense” Gets Picked Up By The Mainstream Media

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The Chicago Tribune quotes from my blog in its editorial pages this morning.  Read it here  (scroll down a bit — right above Arianna Huffington’s post) 

[Thanks to Mark S. for informing me….]

Really, people!  Such a fuss!  I bloviate this stuff aaaaall the time and nobody reads or listens to me.  Heck, I don’t listen to myself most of the time.  But Andrew Sullivan points his finger at me, and suddenly, I’m an actual pundit?

Wellllll, whatever.

Only a matter of time before I get the call to appear on Hardball with Chris Matthews….

P.S.  The emails I have received in response to the post have been 100% in agreement, including the emails I’ve received from one or two veterans of the Iraq/Afghanistan campaign.  Seems like the propagandistic use — and then misuse — of Pat Tillman isn’t going down too well with our men and women in combat either.