The Long Weekend & Charles Nelson Reilly

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Well, obviously no blogging for a few days there.  I had pretty productive weekend.  Managed to clean the pool and fill it — almost ready for use!  Did some major yardwork.  A couple of Full Monty rehearsals.  Played an $11-entry-fee online poker tournament and walked away with $2,450.00.

Couldn’t get my new kitchen faucet installed.  I tried — I’m just no handyman.  Wasn’t able to see Kelly in Open Season.  Next weekend, I hope.

I didn’t pay much attention to the news, except to note that Charles Nelson Reilly, who originated the role of Sydney Lipton on Broadway in Neil Simon’s God’s Favorite (a role I just finished up here), died.  I mostly know him from Match Game, but he was also a revered acting instructor.