“Lost” To End In 2009-2010 Season

Ken AshfordPopular CultureLeave a Comment

Now that the producers have worked out a deal with ABC to end the series (two more seasons, with 16 shows per season), they can map out the rest of the increasingly-confusing plot.

They’ve left themselves a trail of confusing plot threads, which they will have to tie up pretty soon — including:

  • What the hell is that smoke monster thing?
  • Why do pregant women die on the island?
  • Who the fuck are "The Others" and why are they there?
  • Polar bears?  Really?
  • How did John Locke’s father get there?
  • And why can John walk now?
  • What is the Dharma project and why should we care?
  • What about that series of numbers?

And the biggest mystery of them all….

  • Why can’t Hurley lose weight???  I mean, he’s marooned on a (presumably carb-free) island, for Chrissakes!!