Enough Already!

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The Dugger family of Arkansas is expecting their seventeenth child.  (They only had 14 when the above picture was taken).

For those who haven’t heard about them, the Duggars believe in a christian fundamentalist movement called Quiverfull, which means that the only birth control they believe in is the discretion of the invisible magical mystery man in the sky:

Quiverfull is an approximately 20 year-old movement among conservative evangelical Protestant Christian couples chiefly in the United States, but with some adherents in Canada, and with claims of adherent also in Australia, New Zealand, England, and elsewhere. Its distinguishing viewpoint is to eagerly receive children as blessings from God, eschewing all forms of contraception, including natural family planning and sterilization.

Quiverfull adherents maintain that God “opens and closes the womb” of a woman on a case-by-case basis, and that attempts to regulate fertility are a subjugation of divine power. Thus, the key practice of a Quiverfull married couple is to not use any form of birth control and to maintain continual “openness to children”, to the possibility of conception, during routine sexual intercourse irrespective of timing of the month during the ovulation cycle. This is considered by Quiverfull adherents to be a principle if not the primary aspect of their Christian calling in submission to the lordship of Christ.

Be fruitful and multiply and all that.