Bug — The Movie Review

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From Christian Answers:

The movie has no lack of foul language, and the F-word is the most prevalent, being used more than 60 times. There are at least 60 other cuss words as well, including about 20 misuses of God’s name.

The number of minutes spent on real or implied nudity seemed to far outweigh the time spent on horror scenes. The two major scenes of the movie have both the main characters walking around in the buff or having sex. Some of this is implied, but we still see full male and female rear nudity a few times, and a naked couple having sex once. There is also female frontal nudity above the waist and full frontal male nudity. The man’s genital area, however, is obscured by lighting, and what is seen is a silhouette.

The whole premise of “Bug” is about relationships—not little creatures on the skin. As such, its teaching is contrary to what God says we are supposed to be like. The movie seems to say that no one can be trusted. And while it is true that we can’t go beyond reason in regard to trusting other people, there are people who are trustworthy around us. And even more so, there is one we can trust 100% of the time—Jesus Christ.


That said, the reviews tend to be positive (with lots of praise for Ashley Judd), especially from those critics who tend to understand that this is not a horror movie per se, but a movie about madness and paranoia, with some offbeat humor.

I have an interest in this film, since I plan to be auditioning for the play in July.