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A smattering of recent Sanajaya related comments from the media and around the blogosphere:

Washington Post:

Sanjaya, if you’ve missed the show to date, is the Heather Mills of "American Idol." Instead of dancing without a leg, he’s singing without a vocal cord. A talent amputee.

New York Times:

Outsiders always have an inside edge. Mr. Malakar, who is of Indian descent and has an atavistic teen-idol sweetness, is the ultimate underdog: he can’t sing or dance very well.

The Guilded Moose (liveblogging Tuesday’s show):

HOLY SHIT THEY JUST FLASHED TO SANJAYA! I’m dubbing this the patented "Hair Glimpse." It’s now an important part of the show. His hair is slicked back, pomaded and he looks just like Lenny from Laverne and Shirley.

He looks like the evil minion of the bad guy in a Bollywood film. I just want a heroine in a Sari to run away from him and then start singing about a lily pond.

Give Me My Remote:

Sanjaya Malakar lives to sing (if you can call it that) another week. For some reason there are people all over this country who take time out of their lives to pick up the phone and vote for him – multiple times. For the love of Pete you made your point – make it stop already my ears can’t take it anymore.

A commenter at (buy the totebag!)

If Sanjaya wins, I will tear my ears off and feed them to my cat. When she craps them out, I will burn her poop. I will then piss on the ashes. I will proceed to scoop up the ashes and throw them in my garbage disposal. Only then will I know that I can never hear him singing again. Just to be safe, I’ll perform brain surgery on myself to make sure I’m deaf forever.

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