V Monologues Controversy Update

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The New York Times covers the story today, here.  It doesn’t add much to what I posted yesterday, except that it adds the views of "Vagina Monologues" author Eve Ensler:

In an interview on Wednesday, Ms. Ensler said that she called the girls on Monday to praise them and offer her support.

“Why a school has a problem with teenagers saying the word vagina is beyond me, and is truly a throwback to the dark ages,” she said. “It’s just shocking in 2007 to even be engaged in this dialogue.”

Also, the story mentions that because of the news publicity, the girls have won a temporary reprieve from their one-day "in-school suspension" [Question: what does an in-school suspension mean, exactly?]  It looks like the local school board is going to look into the matter at a public meeting.  Oh, that would be so cool to go to.

Finally, it looks like the attempt by school officials to suppress the uttereance of the word "vagina" has backfired.  Seriously backfired:

Classmates have gone so far as to make T-shirts and posters to protest the punishment, and a Facebook site opposing the suspensions has attracted attention from people nationwide who have posted messages like: “We support you, and we support your courage. Vagina Pride!”


Not that the students here seem to need encouragement. On Web sites, at school and among their supporters, the girls are now being referred to by a term popularized by their heroine, Ms. Ensler: the “Vagina Warriors.”

Looks like. no matter what happens, the girls can claim victory . . . and they do.