Time To Make The Donut (Jokes)

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[Note: Apologies in advance to those who may be offended, but this is rather amusing]

A few weeks ago, many news outlets across the country reported a fluff news story about Krispy Kreme’s new offering: a wheat donut.

The NBC affiliate in Augusta, Georgia was among those covering the Krispy Kreme wheat donut story.  To find a suitable image to serve as a graphic behind the anchorwoman’s head, some flunkie apparently did a Google search.  The problem was, the graphic they used to go along with the story was a joke image.  And apparently nobody looked at it too closely.

Here is a portion of the actual broadcast:

For those of you who couldn’t make out the graphic behind the reporter, here’s a close-up still:


Shakespeares Sister wonders:

[I]t is a bit of a mystery as to whether the doughnuts are so good that you’ll suck dick to get them, or whether they’re so good that you’ll suck dick in celebration. Maybe it depends on whether you’re a cocksucking straight girl/gay boy or a non-cocksucking gay girl/straight boy. Anyway, it’s probably best not to overthink this kind of genius.

Yeah, probably best not to.