The Sympathy Surge

Ken AshfordElection 2008, Right Wing Punditry/Idiocy1 Comment

Leave to the vile right-wing radio morons to suggest that John Edwards is using his wife’s battle with cancer for political ends and to garnish votes.

Rush Limbaugh, who suggested a few months ago that Michael J. Fox was exaggerated his disease for political effect, said yesterday about the Edwards press conference:

Now, this suggests to me that, look, let’s just see how much sympathy or attention the press conference and the news today evokes and what it does to the campaign, if this jump-starts the Edwards campaign. …Edwards is going to get much, much more than that out of this.

That fat blowhard needs to be sodomized with his EIB microphone.

NOTE:  Fortunately, not all conservative pundits are reacting this way.  Even the folks at The Corner, for instance, can set aside their bias and make the following comment about the Edwards press conference::

The most endearing moment of this Edwards press conference: As Elizabeth Edwards was describing how she managed to break a rib — the cause of the pain that lead her to get medical treatment which ultimately revealed the cancer — Mrs. Edwards recounted her husband hugging her, the point at which she noticed something wrong with her..

After she went through the details, John Edwards jumped in and said, "actually, I was beating her," as he made a ridiculous arm and hand motion, looking clearly like a guy who wouldn’t even know how to hit his wife. It was a playful, endearing moment, the kind that one imagines helps a couple that has some real love between them get through yet another painful family time. The Edwards family has had more than their share of those hard times.