Tale As Old As Time…

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A big shout-out to Gray (the Beast) and Emily (Belle) who play the title roles in the production of Beauty and the Beast, opening tonight at the Little Theatre of Winston-Salem.  I send my fondest "break-a-leg" wishes to them, as well as Craig (Gaston) and the Barnhardt sisters.

Emily reports that opening night is all but sold out, and tickets for the rest of the run are going fast.  Not surprising.  I hear good things, I hear good things….

Pictured below:  Because I don’t have a picture of Emily and Gray in this particular show, you’ll have to settle for a picture of Emily and Gray in "Bat Boy" — another musical where Emily falls for a beast played by Gray…


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Valerie Plame:


Heather Hamby:


So please contact me, Valerie Plame biopic casting directors, via this website. I’m only demanding a paltry 6%.  I’ll work out an arrangement with Heather…