One Of Those Days

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Carpetbagger Report:

I’m trying to imagine what the mood is like in the West Wing right now.

Scooter Libby, the first high-ranking White House official to face criminal charges in over a century, has been convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice, stemming from a smear campaign he and the Vice President worked on together.

Nine Americans were killed in Iraq yesterday, and suicide bombers killed 93 people in a crowd of Shiite pilgrims this morning in coordinated attacks.

The Walter Reed scandal dealing with mistreatment of wounded veterans has become a massive embarrassment for the Bush gang, and the White House is struggling to avoid responsibility.

And the prosecutor purge scandal is hitting its stride today, as Senate hearings expose a massive and systemic fiasco in which the Justice Department and the White House fired U.S. Attorneys, without cause, for political purposes and then lied about it.

All of this has unfolded over the last 24 hours. What’s more, this presidency was largely in free-fall before this week and seemingly had no where to go but up.

I’m hard pressed to imagine things getting any worse, but then again, I’ve thought that before.