More Than A Feeling

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Lead singer for Boston, Brad Delp, dead.  As a tribute, here’s a little Delp and Boston trivia.

  • He bought his first guitar after seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • Since 1994, he’s been in a Beatles tribute band named Beatlejuice.
  • Before he joined the band, Delp was manufacturing heating coils in a Mr. Coffee plant.
  • Boston’s debut album (Boston) sold 17 million copies.
  • Guitarist/producer/musical genius Tom Scholz was a graduate of M.I.T. working for Polaroid when he started the band. He designed his own equipment after becoming frustrated with the limitations of music technology.
  • Before the death of Delp, there was talk of a new Boston studio album and tour.
  • The band’s last live performance with Delp featured former quarterback Doug Flutie on drums (at a benefit concert last November).