Let Me See If I Get This Straight

Ken AshfordBush & Co., Corporate Greed, Iran, War on Terrorism/TortureLeave a Comment

Let’s get a timeline:

In 1995, Clinton cuts off all trade and investment with Iran.  U.S. companies were no longer able to do business with Iran.

After that announcement, Halliburton decided that business with Iran, then conducted through at least five companies, would all be done through a subsidiary incorporated in the Cayman Islands.  This way, Halliburton could skirt around the ban.  (Halliburton also did business with Saddam, up through 2000, in this manner.)

When Halliburton made that decision, its chief executive officer was Dick Cheney.

Twelve years later, Halliburton is still working in and for Iran.

Does this make any sense to anybody?  The vice-president of the United States was CEO of a company that did business with our enemies, despite the fact that it was well-known that these countries were dangerous.  Can you imagine a Democratic vice-president getting away with this?

And they call us "traitors"?!?