How Bad Is Sanjaya?

Ken AshfordPopular Culture1 Comment

Very bad:

Simon Cowell went so far as to say if Malakar wins, he’ll quit.

One YouTube contributor in New York has launched a hunger strike and vows not to eat until the 17-year-old is ousted from the show.

Words cannot express the monumental badness of this guy.  He’s not even bad in an entertaining way (like the dubious singing skills of William Hung, or the acting skills of Subway spokesman Jerrod WhatsHisName).  He’s just plain bad.

He’s so bad, that I actually feel bad for him.  Unless he’s completely delusional (which, I suppose, is possible), it must be heart-wrenching to perform every week when you know that you are, by far, the worst singer that will hit the stage that night, and that millions of Americans will be sitting in their homes trying to out-top each other in finding the right words to explain your precise level of suckitude.

Hopefully tonight, America will put Sanjaya out of his misery.  And ours.

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