Fox News Now Hyping A “War On Easter”

Ken AshfordGodstuffLeave a Comment


Oh, brother.

The hyper of this non-story is Fox’s John Gibson, and the main evidence in his accusation is that certain communities have things like "Spring Egg Hunts" and "Spring Bunnies" and so on.

Somebody needs to sit Gibson down and explain to him the Christian doctrine which he thinks he’s defending.  He might be surprised to learn that bunnies and eggs play absolutely no bibical role in the resurrection of Christ.  Read your Bible, John.

In fact:

"The bunny is a fertility symbol with no religious connection to Easter," added Cunningham who was the Christianity editor for the in the HarperCollins Dictionary of Religion. "The egg, which was popularized in Greece, Russia and Eastern Europe in connection with Easter, does not have a religious connection to Easter. By taking away the term ‘Easter,’ these symbols to some extent return to their pre-Christian roots as symbols of spring fertility."