Fox News Doesn’t Understand The Law

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Take a look at this graphic from Fox News yesterday:


The caption reads: "Libby Convicted On 4 Counts But Was There Even A Crime?"

This shows the level of stupid thinking (as well as propagandazing) that one sees every day on Faux News.

Yes, Hannity.  There was a crime.  Perjury is a crime.  Obstruction of justice is a crime.  Making false statements is a crime.  It’s a crime regardless of whether or not there is an underlying crime.

Apparently, these people cannot even remember back as far as the Clinton years.  While wingnuts rejoiced that Clinton committed perjury, they didn’t stop (as they are now) to ask if there was actually any sexual harrassment.  A crime is a crime is a crime, they said.  And they were right.

One of the reasons, by the way, that we may never know if a crime was actually committed in the Plamegate matter is simply because Libby (and perhaps others) lied to investigators.  Did the boys at Fox News think of that?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

UPDATE:  And look how Fox initiall reported the Libby verdict story:


Laugh. *Snort*.