Death Of Woody Harrelson’s Dad

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Normally, this is a news story that I would have ignored, save for the fact that Woody Harrelson’s father may have some connection to the JFK assassination.

Below is a picture of the "three tramps" taken into custody in Dallas on that fateful day. 


They were supposedly vagrants hanging around the railyards near Dealey Plaza, yet many have noted their relatively clean attire and hair.  The stories vary, but the three men were interviewed (some say arrested and held for several days) by the Dallas Police.  Unfortunately, their names were never recorded, and nobody can say for sure their identities. 

However, many speculate that the middle "tramp" — the tall one — was Charles Harrelson (Woody’s dad) who passed away yesterday.  Charles Harrelson was a hitman at the time, and was in Texas at the time.  Years later, he reportedly admitted (from his jail cell, where he served a life sentence for the murder of a federal judge) that he was involved in the JFK assassination.  But even if he said that, it may be the product of rumors about his involvement, rather than the genesis of them.

In any event, it’s one of the many threads in that piece of Americana known as "JFK conspiracy theory".