The Iraq Debate

Ken AshfordIraqLeave a Comment

Sadly, it seems that congressional Democrats, having long opposed the war and now in a position to end it, are not going to pull the pursestrings.

The anti-war position has always had a difficult time, because the standard meme is "Yes, the war was fucked up in its conception, but we’re there now.  If we leave Iraq now, the country will descend into chaos".  How can anyone argue with an unknowable future?  It’s certainly possible — indeed, likely that Iraq will become a bloodbath once we leave.  The typical anti-war response is "Well, it’s chaos now", but that doesn’t preclude the argument that withdrawal will make things worse.  And let’s face it, when it comes to Iraq, I think everyone is a pessimist.

This is why I am glad Robert Dreyfuss at the Washington Monthly has written an excellent article about the pessimism surrounding a post-withdrawl Iraq, suggesting that the worst-case scenarios held by even anti-war liberals like me, may be somewhat overblown.  Read it.