Short Takes: Pop Culture Edition

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(1)  TIVO and Amazon to offer video downloads

This is quite different from Blockbuster or your local video store, where you have to get the video (and return it) yourself.  It’s also every different from Netflix, where the DVD comes to you (and you return it) by mail.  It’s even different from online video download services, where the video is trapped on your computer (seriously, who ever watches a movie on their computer?)

With this new TIVO/Amazon service, you can order and view a movie on your TIVO.  Color me interested.

You know, I think it’s been about a year since I actually watched a television show as it’s being broadcast.  Sure, sometimes I may be catching the beginning of a show while the end is being broadcast.  But basically everything now for me is recorded on TIVO, and watched from TIVO.  And this new service makes it only more attractive.  I can basically watch anything I want, anytime I want.

Which makes me conclude that TIVO (and other DVR services) are the greatest home entertainment innocation since television.  There, I said it.

(2)  New York may ban iPods while crossing the street

Yes, I’m sure it will be unpopular, but some things just make sense, you know?

P.S.  Sorry for the dangling participle.  Obviously, New York isn’t crossing the street…

(3)  "Prince’s Halftime Imagery Questioned"

Yes, I know I predicted it a few days ago.  But take a look at the article linked above.  And ask youself, who is actually complaining about Prince’s suggestive use of the guitar?  As far as I can tell, nobody.  Instead, everybody (including me) is merely speculating that people — or some people — should be complaining.

In other words, it’s a non-story that doesn’t live up to its headline.