On Darwin’s Birthday

Ken AshfordRight Wing Punditry/Idiocy6 Comments

From Shelley The Republican blog:

Today is Darwin’s birthday and liberals will probably celebrate by having gay sex to prove how “evolved” they are. 

Touche.  Well, you got all us liberals pegged there.

Here at Shelley The Republican dot com we think it’s high time that this Darwin fella finally stayed dead the way he oughta and keep his theories in Hell where they belong.

If ideas don’t survive the person who said them, can I discount everything that Jesus said?  Just wondering.

I think two points should put the final nails in his coffin. Point 1 – It’s an undisputed fact that the older you are the more you can be trusted. Darwin would’ve been 198 years old. God…well, who do you think created Darwin? 

It’s an "undisputed" . . . "fact"?   They didn’t teach me this trick in law school.  Does that mean that when there are two contradicting witnesses on the witness stand, the jury should believe the older person?  Does this mean Castro is the most trustworthy leader alive today?  Help me out here.

And let me address that God created Darwin thing.  If God created Darwin, and Darwin was wrong, then what does that say about God’s infallibility?

And point two – Darwin’s dead, God’s not. Case closed. End of story.Y’all shut up now.

The only reason I’m shutting up is because my jaw hit the floor at the contemplation of your insane logic.