Theatre Survey I Stole…

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from Emily who stole it from Zac.  (I guess it’s viral?)

Real Name: Kenneth Richard Ashford

Stage Name: Ken Ashford

Last Show You Added To Your Resume: "On Goldon Pond" (director)

Last Show You Auditioned For: "Daddy’s Dyin’ – Who’s Got The Will?"

Did You Get Into It: I did

Last Song You Used At An Audition: Honest to God, I don’t remember.  I had prepared something for DDD, but Jamie had us sing "The Star Spangled Banner"

Favorite Theatre Venue: Theatre Alliance of Winston-Salem . . . my touchstone

Favorite Musical: At the moment, it has to be "Spring Awakening", although I’ve always been partial to "Blood Brothers"

Name A Theatre Superstition: I really don’t have one

Last Part You Played In A Show: Mr. Greenfelt and assorted others in "Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical", except for a one-night fill-in as Charlie in "On Golden Pond"

Your Goal In Show Business: Just to get better at it

Favorite Director: Any one who is open-minded and encourages experimentation

What Was Your Very First Show: A flying monkey in the 5th grade production of "Wizard of Oz"

Have You Ever Had A Dance Solo: Oh, God, I’ve tried my whole life to forget it.  Yes. "Brigadoon".  (Sorry, Claire).

Have You Ever Had A Singing Solo: Yes

Have You Ever Been The Last Person To Take A Bow:  No, I don’t think so.  Men usually aren’t.

Name A Show You’ve Done More Than 2 Times: I’ve done "Godspell" four times (once directing); "J.C. Superstar" twice; "Noises Off" twice

Have You Been To L.A.: No

What’s The Scariest Part Of An Audition: Waiting around

Best Part Of An Audition: Reading

Name A Show You Would Never Do Again: I never say "never"

Name A Show You Could Do For Years: Too many

Name A Show You Would Love To Do But Have Never Been In: "Blood Brothers"

Name A Person You’d Like To Work With Again: There are only a handful that I WOULDN’T work with again.

What Are You Auditioning For Next: I haven’t figured that out (Note to self: figure that out)

How Long Have You Been Performing: Not counting grade school stuff, 30 years or thereabouts.

Do You Carry Your Headshots Around With You: Uh… no.  I have a photo id that gets me in to the office building though.  Does that count?

Do You Keep In Touch With Past Cast Members: Yes

What’s Your Most Memorable Performance: Are we still talking about theater?  Oh, okay.  Ummm….

What’s Something Embarrassing Or Unexpected That Happened While Onstage: Going onstage knowing that there is a backstage fire, and not being sure how big it is.

What’s Something Embarrassing Or Unexpected That Happened While In The Dressing Room: What happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room. [Emily’s answer, but a damned good one]

Who Is The Most Difficult Person (Onstage Or Off) That You’ve Ever Worked With: Oh, she’s dead now, so let’s not go there.

Ever Been Naked Onstage: Yes

Encore004Who/What is Your Greatest Inspiration/Influence In The Theatre: Tough one — I’d have to say the early influences are the greatest, so that would be George Kelly and the late Michael Chagnon (pictured right)

If You Could Be A Rich And Famous Porn Star Or A Struggling Theatre Actor, Which Would You Choose: Struggling theatre actor.  Anyone who performs for money and fame does it for the wrong reasons.

Best Professional Show You’ve Seen: Too too many.  "Pirates of Penzance" with Tim Curry stands out.  As well as the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of "Guys and Dolls".  I remember the original "Chorus Line" as having a huge impact on me at the time.

Top Five Favorite Shows You’ve Performed In: "Noises Off", "Debbie Does Dallas", "Godspell" (one of them), "Pippin", "The Foreigner"

Onstage, Have You Ever….

Been Killed: Yes ("Brigadoon")

Been Drunk/Stoned: Kind of ("One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest" among others)

Played Someone Half Your Age: Yes ("Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical")

Played Someone Twice Your Age: Yes ("Noises Off")

Cried: Yes

Fired A Gun: No, although I’ve done some swordfighting

Driven A Car: Um… noooo

Been Drenched: I was rather wet in "The Boys Next Door"

Been In A Dream Sequence: Many times

Been Kissed: Many times