Marie Jon Apostrophe on “Democratic Defeatism”

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Marie Joh Apostrophe has some thoughts about the State Of The Union and Iraq:

After hearing the State of the Union address, many people came away with very positive feelings. The president gave an excellent speech. Under the president’s watch, the State of the Union is well.

Marie knows that the State of the Union is well because Bush said it was well.

Bush laid out a new paradigm strategy that will work if the people of the United States get behind him.

In other news, Tinkerbell will live, but only if you clap hard enough, according to leading medical experts.

Wars are won and lost right here at home.

Really?  Then shouldn’t our soldiers be here?

Either put up or shut up.

Well, sadly Marie, the Army Reserves raised its age limit to 42, and I am still too old.  You, on the other hand, look like you could join up.  So why aren’t you?

Democrats should remain silent if they have no new strategy for the war on terror.

The Baker-Hamilton Report is a sound strategy.  Can I talk now?

However, they have encouraged their constituents to protest at anti-war rallies. They are sending a message to the terrorists that America is weak.

This is the most insane drivel, and I get tired of hearing it. 

First of all, 75% of America — and that includes Republicans and moderates — are opposed to the escalation.  So who is this "they"?  It’s not just Democrats, Marie.

Secondly, the notion that opposition to the escalation emboldens the enemy is simply absurd.  As Senator Brownback (Republican from Kansas) said: "I don’t see this enemy as needing any more emboldening or getting it from any resolution. They’re emboldened now."

What hypocrisy. In 2004, then-Minority Leader Pelosi called for increasing the number of troops. This proves once again that the Democrats only want what Bush doesn’t. They have nothing but unwarranted and contemptuous disdain for the president.

Yes, Marie.  Many people thought back then that more troops were needed.  Pelosi was among many who recommended that 300,000 troops be sent.  Back then, they could have done something.  Now, however, the horse is out of the barn, and 300,000 troops won’t be able to untangle the mess.  (Bush’s escalation, by the way, only increases the troop level to about 160,000).

It is interesting to observe that as soon as President Bush presents a comprehensive plan to win, we hear a counterpunch from Senator Bill Webb.

It’s "interesting" that there is a rebuttal to the State of The Union speech from the opposition party?  Geez, where have you been, Marie?  There’s a rebuttal every year, regardless of who is President.

Webb is an outspoken critic of the war. He has a son serving in Iraq and had recently quarreled with Bush at a White House reception.

He also is a decorated war hero.  So obviously, his views on this matter are second place to yours, Marie.

Americans should loathe the polarizing politics. It contributes to killing more of our troops and the Iraqi people.

Guns don’t kill people; polarizing politics kill people.

Terrorism spikes every time a Democrat speaks out to blasts the president.

It does?  Where’s the evidence of that?

Are you getting the picture?

No, can you draw me one?

Senator Webb’s rebuttal to the State of the Union address was one more opportunity to voice words of defeatism concerning Iraq. Some political pundits claim that the senator’s remarks were brilliant. In actuality, here was another Democrat that wants to hang a newly-formed democracy out to dry. The senator’s own words are damning. Quote: "I wanted to slug the Commander-In-Chief."

Marie, perhaps you need to understand that in a democracy, criticism of the President is, you know, okay.  You can’t advocate democracy on the one hand, and undying loyalty to the Leader in the other hand.  Talk about hypocrisy.

Months ago, during a private meeting on the Hill, President Bush asked Sen. Webb how his son, Jim, Jr., was doing in Iraq. The senator reacted to the president’s caring words by becoming nasty and testy. He wanted to punch President Bush in the face. The unwarranted mean-spiritedness is way too prevailing within the DNC.

Actually, what happened was this:  Bush asked Webb how his son was doing in Iraq.  Webb said that he really wanted to see his son back home.  Bush then said — and this is the quote — "I didn’t ask that; I asked how he’s doing".  Now, who was being "testy" in that exchange?

Democrats need a time out. They are dividing our country. We need to work together.

Oh, but we are, Marie.  Republicans and Democrats in Congress are throwing up all kinds of resolutions in opposition to the Bush escalation plan.

Jimmy Webb, Jr., is in the Marine Corps, honorably serving his country in Iraq. President Bush asked Jim Webb, Sr. how his son was doing. The then senator-elect said he would like to see his son get home safely. Bush smiled and in a pleasant voice replied. "I didn’t ask you that, I asked how he’s doing." Then all hell broke lose as Jim Webb became enraged with anger.

You probably should have put that paragraph a little earlier.  What’s your source, Marie, for the statement that "all hell broke lose [sic]".  Making shit up again?  The WaPo story on this incident only said that Webb responded "coldly" with: "That’s between me and my boy, Mr. President."

In any event, I don’t think terrorism increased as a result of that exchange.  I really really don’t.

Surely, President Bush would like to see all of our troops come home safely, but there is a war to be won and a peace to prevail.

Whatever that means.

Our country is reaching a boiling point of hostility against a man that should be given a pat on the back for protecting our country during a time of war.

Marie, Marie, Marie.  For the last time, the people who are fighting each other in Iraq — the Sunnis and Shia — are not, and never were, about to attack us.

Democrats have unleashed a dissident tone that could be construed as treasonous. Their words and despicable actions are no longer acceptable.

And what about the majority of Republicans against the war?

More than ever, it is time to stop the partisan politicking and support President Bush, our troops, and the Iraqi government.

Dear Marie, the opposition to Bush’s war is BI-partisan.  Get with the program.