LiveBlogging: “Grease: You’re The One That I Want”

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Nup_104135_0171I have to admit… I’m not optimistic about this.  Mostly because I hate the show, "Grease". 

Still, I’ll keep an open mind about the Broadway star wannabes.  And Kathleen Marshall (no slouch, she) will be ultimately directing the show, as well as be a judge.  So that lends a little credibility to the whole thing.

7:30 pm:  This "Deal or No Deal" tie-in is strained, at best.  I mean, they get a contestent whose favorite movie is "Grease" and then Olivia Newton-John calls in?  Stop it, please.

8:00 pm:  Opening titles were cute, where they recreated the movie scene with about 50 Dannys and Sandys.

8:10 pm:  Okay, if I’m going to be hearing the songs "You’re The One That I Want" and "Hopelessly Devoted To You" for the next how-many-ever weeks, I’m going to go berserk.

8:12 pm:  This is obviously the show where we get to laugh at people who have no singing talent whatsoever.

8:18 pm:  Okay, the English guy is obviously going to the Simon-like guy.  Brits are going to get a bad rap.

8:22 pm:  "When we come back, we’ll put the fat ugly girl in another situation, so we all can laugh at her again"

8:30 pm: Yeah, half these people are my age!

8:35 pm:  Yes, people.  Broadway isn’t community theater …or high school.  Just because you played Danny in the East Bumfuck Community Players doesn’t mean you’re ready for the Great White Way.

8:50 pm:  Okay, the dancing part (coming up) is going to be interesting.  I kinda digged that pharmaceutical girl as "Sandy", but I get the feeling she won’t be able to dance.

9:00 pm:  Yup.  The dancing part is like every musical audition I’ve ever done.  You feel like a real jack trying to remember the choreography.

9:05 pm:  Someone needs to tell the large "cupcake" girl that there’s a great show called "Hairspray" that she would be perfect for.

9:15 pm:  I’m gussing they’re only doing 20 minutes of the Chicago auditions because they didn’t find much talent there.

9:20 pm:  I guessed right.

9:25 pm:  "I’m a trainable dancer."  Yeah, riiiiiight.  I’ve used that line before.

9:30 pm:  Well, it was an okay show.  I suspect it will get better when we’re down to the finalists.  I hope they have a show where they have to bust their acting chops.