“I’m Not Whining” He Whined

Ken AshfordCongressLeave a Comment

That’s the best line from a Dana Milbank piece about the GOP returning to the 110th Congress, where they find themselves not in the majority after several years of bribery and page-seducing.  The whiner is Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.).

Yup — already the GOP is complaining that they aren’t allowed to drive the car anymore, and the session hasn’t even begun yet.

The Rude Pundit (rudely) adds his views:

The fact that Republicans even think the victim act will work is laughable, in a "Christ, that’s sad, let’s shoot Old Yeller way." They don’t realize that people love it when the bully gets beaten up. When an abused wife shoots the shit-faced, pummeling husband in the back of the head. When the convicted serial rapist is turned into the gang-banger’s punk in prison.


They seriously think saying, "Democrats promised to share their toys" is going to have traction as a counter argument to the election results, even when the entire country knows that Republicans kept the playground locked to Democrats for all these years. This is a Karl Rove ploy, the weak wimper of a cancer-ridden corrupt old man, trying to turn the Democrats on themselves, hoist them on their promise of better bipartisanship.

You can smell his sausage-like finger grease all over George Bush’s sad editorial in the Wall Street Journal. "What Congress Can Do For America," it was titled. And the simple answer, the one demanded by all Americans whose paychecks don’t rely on desperately trying to make Bush into a "leader," is "Fucking stop you."