His Fate Is Still Unlearned

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CharliecardDear Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority:

It’s come to my attention that you have now implemented "Charlie Cards" and "Charlie Tickets" to commuters in order to ease and speed up the whole fare-buying thing.  This, I think, is good, because those tokens were a pain in the ass.

One thing though.

Your mascot, Charlie, no doubt comes from the folk song "Charlie On The MTA", made popular by The Kingston Trio, and well-known to many Bostonians.

Listen, guys.  You do realize that the song was about "Charlie" who was stuck on the subway system because he lacked money for exit fares, yes?  I mean, the song was critical of the MBTA and its boneheaded fare policies.

So are you sure you want to invoke Charlie as your new mascot?

Just wondering.

A Former "T" Rider