Dobson Wing Of GOP To Form A Third Party?

Ken AshfordRepublicansLeave a Comment

There are grumblings:

It wasn’t so long ago that conservatives believed that George Bush’s presidency would usher in a political realignment that would last for decades. But as the right looks forward to the next election, something close to panic is setting in. Surveying the leading G.O.P. contenders for 2008, direct-mail guru Richard Viguerie pronounces “not a one of them is worthy of support from conservatives.”

Says Craig Shirley, a public relations executive who represents many conservative groups and who has written a book on the Reagan revolution: “There’s anger, there’s angst, there’s dismay in the conservative movement.” Some activists, Shirley adds, have even begun talking quietly among themselves about forming a third party. (emphasis added)

If the GOP divides itself into a moderate conservative party (with the Guiliani’s and McCain’s) and a loony right social conservative party (with the Falwell’s and his ilk), this virtually ensures a stronger Democratic Party.

Sadly, I think this will amount to nothing more than talk.