Bush Busted In HUGE Lie About Cancer Research Funding

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President Bush, yesterday:

“First, I’m pleased that we’re funding cancer research. We’re up about 25 percent or 26 percent since 2001; it’s a commitment that I made when I first came to Washington, it’s a commitment we’re keeping. And the reason why it makes sense to spend taxpayers’ money on cancer research is that we can make some good progress, and have.”

ABC News Medical Editor Timothy Johnson, a few hours later:

“[W]hen the administration tries to take credit for increased spending, per se, I think they’re misleading. It is true that the total budget for the National Cancer Institute has gone up by $1.2 billion since 2001. But most of that occurred in those early years under a Clinton initiative. The budget was actually cut last year and the projected budget for this year is to be cut even further. So, I think it’s a real tragedy that we are cutting the budget for the National Cancer Institute at a time we’re on the verge of many exciting discoveries.”

[Link provided by me, not, Dr. Tim]

Just so you know, Dr. Timothy Johnson is no anti-Bush liberal.  What’s more, he’s an ordained minister from the Evangelical Covenant Church.