American Idol Wannabes Have To Clean Up Their MySpace

Ken AshfordPopular CultureLeave a Comment

Death By Camera tracks down the MySpace pages of those losers on American Idol — you know, the ones who are so horrible that they get national exposure on television so we can (a) laugh at their complete lack of talent, and (b) watch them cry when they can’t can’t can’t understand why Simon and Randy and Paula hate them so much.

Death By Camera also notes that at least one talented contestent (who was asked to go to Hollywood) had to quickly purge her MySpace page of a survey in which she admitted to taking "one" illicit drug (Which drug? – We don’t know), and containing very un-Idol-esque language like "Who the f__k doesn’t have instant message?" 

Sadly for the contestent — Michelle Steingas of Excelsior, Minnesota — there’s such a thing as Google cache, which preserves "snapshots" of "old" webpages.