Your Move, Mr. Pres

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From the memory hole:

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan, April 22, 2004:

The President has made it very clear that we will provide our troops with all the resources they need to do their job. And he looks to our commanders in the theater to make those determinations, in terms of what is needed.

President Bush, January 1, 2006:

THE PRESIDENT: The conditions on the ground will dictate our force level. As the Iraqis are able to take more of the fight to the enemy, our commanders on the ground will be able to make a different assessment about the troop strength. And I’m going to continue to rely upon those commanders, such as General Casey, who is doing a fabulous job and whose judgment I trust, and that will determine — his recommendations will determine the number of troops we have on the ground in Iraq.

President Bush, October 20, 2006:

I talk to our generals who are in charge of these operations, and my message to them is: Whatever you need we’ll give you; and whatever tactics you think work on the ground, you put in place. Our goal hasn’t changed, but the tactics are constantly adjusting to an enemy which is brutal and violent.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are opposed to Bush’s "surge" idea of putting 40,000 more troops into Iraq.

Will Bush do as he repeatedly said, and follow the recommendations of his military advisors?

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