We Need A Little Christmas

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(1)  Inflation took its largest jump in decades

(2)  Joint Chiefs of Staff oppose Bush’s plan to put more troops in Iraq.  Bush has always said that he will listen to the advice of his military advisors.  Will he?  RELATED:  Powell breaks with Bush 43, too.

(3)  America’s biggest cash crop?  Cannibas. ("It is the leading cash crop in 12 states, and one of the top five crops in 39 states.")

(4)  Bush approval rating hits rock bottom:

– support for Bush’s handling of the Iraq conflict has decreased to 28% from 34%
– 70% disapprove of Bush’s war management (It was actually managed?)
– job approval 36%
– 62% disapproved of his job performance

(5)  Remember Ted Haggard?  Looks like there’s more problems for his New Life Church.  An executive director has resigned for, among other things, "sexual misconduct". (Ironically, in last year’s passion play, this guy played the role of ….Satan).