Obama Winning Over The Right

Ken AshfordElection 20081 Comment

Rich Lowry over at NRO’s The Corner takes reads right-winger emails, reflecting on Obama’s performance on Monday Night Football:

—I watched the Bears game with my father & wife’s grandfather in Dupage County Illinois. Unlike the rest of America we know how to vote. (Have fun in Washington Congressman Peter Roskam!) Both my father & my wife’s grandfather starting voting Republican right out of the womb. But when the Obama Monday Night Football cameo ended they both turned to each other & said, "I like that guy." Mitt, John & Rudy, be afraid, very afraid.

— Obama’s turn on Monday Night Football was actually very well done. I don’t like his politics, but it’s hard not to like the person.  He’s got an easy smile and came across like "It’s cool to be asked to do this, so I am doing it."  Nothing awkward at all.  He’s very non-threatening. 

—I think it was a pretty good political move.  Any chance to snub Hillary, who at times has portrayed herself as some sort of Chicago sports fan, is a plus for him. 

Ezra Klein explains the Obama hype:

So the Obama hype has been a bit puzzling to many. Myself, at times, included. But watch this video of the speech he gave in New Hampshire. Just watch five minutes of it. It’s one of the most remarkable addresses I’ve ever seen, and, in its soft and irresistible way, it explains the whole of the buzz. In possibly the most telling section, he gives a great riff on health care, which manages to totally inspire while not actually saying anything sweeping or controversial. Watching it, you’d swear he just promised the stars, the sky, and universal insurance, when he really just committed to electronic records. And yet, you scarcely mind, if you even noticed. That’s some powerful political mojo.

He’s right (and click the video link).