Making Satire Obsolete

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I read my fair share of conservative editorials simply because I’m curious about how the other half third eighth thinks.

Plus, those people make me laugh.

Take, for example, a recent Townhall column by regular Townhall contributor Doug Giles.

This is — I swear to God — his opening paragraph:

Have you ever asked yourself, “Self, why do churches today look more like the bra and panty department at Sears rather than a battalion of men poised to kick demonic butt?”

Now, I confess — it’s been a while since I’ve been to church, and even longer since I’ve been to Sears (much less, the bra and panty department of Sears).  But I’m pretty sure that churches today look nothing like the aforementioned Sears department.

Giles’ point — and he’s apparently serious about this — is that men aren’t attending churches like they should be, because there’s not enough testosterone going on there on Sunday mornings.  And the pussification of out churches has led to, among other things, a failure to increase our national security.

What we need, says Giles, are more gun-toting churches where the pastor gets up there all sweaty and dirty, with a chain of bullets accross is chest.  And crucifixes where Jesus looks like Rambo.  or something.

Anyway, if you want to take a nice foray into wingnuttia-land, read this.