Lulling Marie Jon’

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Marie Jon Apostrophe’s column is a meandering list of recycled right-wing talking points, most of which the right wing has now seen fit to abandon.  I won’t analyze the whole thing (you can read it yourself), but Marie Jon Apostrophe clearly is the last remaining person on the planet who thinks that Iraq had something to do with 9/11, and that the War on Terrorism somehow depends on the outcome in Iraq.

But I wanted to single out a few paragraphs.  Marie mostly laments the fact the nobody in America seems to care that terrorists want to kill us:

Unfortunately, the war on terror is practically innocuous to the average Jane and Joe. The war is almost invisible to them; their minds are elsewhere. They are trying to raise their families. They get up every morning to go to work.

On the other hand, when evening comes, they are too busy watching Dancing with the Stars or American Idol to take notice of what is going on about them. It seems indeed that they don’t really care.

"On the other hand"?  Seems like the same hand, just a different time of day.

They make sure that they are hip with pop culture instead of paying attention to politics. They are too lazy to be proactive regarding their future and its effects on generations to come — the future that includes their children and their grandchildren as well as that of yours and mine.

The typical, quasi-liberal citizen can definitely give you the skinny on Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, and the absence of Britney Spears’ underwear. Yes, this kind of news is really significant. It most definitely will prepare us for future Islamic fascists’ terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

Okay.  So in the course of three paragraphs, we’ve seen references to Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, and the absence of Britney Spears’ underwear.  Sounds like Marie herself is one who keeps herself tuned in to pop culture.

Terrorist sleeper cells are hiding in our country. Might this have had something to do with far left socialist Democrats being voted back into office?

Yes, I’m sure that’s it.  They terrorist sleeper cells moved back in even before the newly elected Congress took office.  And look how easy it apparently was for them!

Later, Marie says the same thing:

Other than our troops and their families, the American public has not sacrificed one thing since we began fighting the war on terror. There was never any food or gas rationing. There was no compulsory military draft. There was no asking our citizens to give blood or to help fund the war by purchasing war bonds.

And whose fault is that?  The American people’s?  Hardly.  The Bush government hasn’t asked the American people to contribute. 

Why should a self-centered American public take the war on terror seriously? We have not been inconvenienced in any way. So, a bunch of people died on the East Coast; too many these days think we "had it coming…"

Now, look.  I understand that there is a difference of opinion by those on the left versus those on the right.  But exactly who in America is saying that "we had it coming"?

I think Marie Jon Apostrophe has been too long in that tanning bed of hers.