Eyes Wide Closed; Mouths Open Shut

Ken AshfordIraqLeave a Comment

Well, Condi Rice has rejected the idea of negotiating with Iran and Syria to help bring some stability to Iraq because "neither country should need incentives to foster stability in Iraq."

This makes absolutely no sense to me.  Why not just talk to them?  What’s the downside?

Matt Yglesius explains it better:

Seriously, people, it’s time to grow up. Sitting around in the Situation Room and deciding that other countries just should do what we want them to do so there’s no need for diplomacy is insane. The way the world works is that if you want some countries to do some things, you need to discuss this fact with them, ascertain what their actual views on the matter are, see what they would want you to do in exchange, and then make a decision. Rice rejected this option "saying the ‘compensation’ required by any deal might be too high." Get that again. She won’t talk to Syria and Iran to explore options because the price might — might — be too high. Why not find out?