A Bush Family Christmas – 1970’s

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The Bush Christmas Card of 2006 might not contain the word "Christmas", but (via Wonkette), we came across the Bush family Christmas card of sometime in the 1970’s:


Four Five things stand out:

(1)  "Merry Christmas …from all the George Bushes"???  What does that mean??  They’re all clones — even Barbara?  Or did Bush 41 have a huge ego?

(2)  "Support UNICEF".  Apparently, the United Nations does do some good.

(3)  What’s with all the neckties slung over the shoulder?  I vaguely remember the 1970’s, but I must have missed that fashion trend.

(4)  And what’s that in George Jr’s left hand?

(5)  It’s, um, not very Christmas-y, is it?