This Could Be The Greatest Celebrity Divorce Proceeding Ever

Ken AshfordPopular Culture1 Comment

CBS News is reporting:

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline made a four-hour sex tape early in their marriage that he is now threatening to sell unless she gives in to his demands in their divorce case, according to a British tabloid, The News of the World.

First impressions:

(1)  Four hours?  I tip my hat to the two of them.

(2)  Four hours?  I bet she chatters away incessantly for the first 3.5 hours.  You remember this?

(3)  From the article:

But on The Early Show Tuesday, Us Weekly magazine’s contributing editor Katrina Szish said Spears probably needn’t worry.

"If a tape does exist, I don’t think it will be damaging for Britney," Szish told co-anchor Rene Syler. "We’ve seen her at her lowest point. She’s on her way back up. This would be a tape she did with her husband when they were married. Whatever may be in that tape, it really doesn’t matter anymore. "

Well, yes.  I supposed when you get as skanky as Britney Spears, it really doesn’t matter.  But for whole blackmail thing is pretty interesting, even for people who abhor "celebrity" news, Britney Spears and K-Fed.

(4)  While K-Fed may be in the running for the worst "ex" of the year, he got beat out today by this guy:

A man pleaded guilty in the deaths of his ex-girlfriend’s four small kittens, which were tossed into a fire pit after the couple argued.