The Conservative War Against Cartoons

Ken AshfordGodstuff1 Comment

Let’s see.

Back in 1999, Jerry Falwell wanted us to know that Tinky Winky the Teletubby was part of the “homosexual agenda.”

In 2004, The Traditional Values Coalition, published a “parents beware” warning about Shrek 2, which the TVC believed was part of a DreamWorks effort to help the “transgender agenda…by promoting cross dressing and transgenderism.”

Also in 2004, the American Family Association took strong umbrage at the movie Shark Tales, insisting that animated carton was designed to brainwash children into accepting gay rights. (Why?  Because Shark Tales was about a shark who just doesn’t fit in because he doesn’t like to eat meat, like the other sharks do.  Therefore, he’s gay.  Or something like that.)

Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund seriously suggested in a book that SpongeBob SquarePants was gay, and James Dobson attacked the loveable Spongebob in 2005 for the same reason.

Now, what is the loony right upset about?  Happy Feet, a movie about a penguin trying to find himself.  Apparently, it contains an environmental message …and we can’t have our children learning about that now, can we!!!!

Seriously, folks.  Politics aside, these are cartoons.  Get over it.

But taking a glance around the Internet (by the way, it’s big — did you know that?), we tried to find some Christian cartoons, which presumably are unoffensive and funny.  Here’s a side-splitter (Copyright Gospel Communications International, Inc –


Now let me explain why this is funny.  You see, a church is dressing in drag so it can marry Abraham Lincoln (playing the role of Jesus).  The church’s dress is lavendar (no white for this unchaste bride) and she’s holding her purse, suggesting that this was a rather hasty marriage, perhaps in Las Vegas.  President Lincoln is holding a note containing his vows.  Or perhaps the Gettysburg Address.  We’re not sure, but we know funny, and that is funny.

The caption tells us that the ushers never had to ask the guests if they were with the bride or the groom.  Why not?  Ah, well . . . that’s because . . . well, just because.  And therein lies the humor.

Get it?

Now why can’t those Hollywood elites make cartoons like that?