Light Blogging?

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Well, I’ve exceeded my bandwidth for the month. 

Or, more accurately, you’ve exceeded my bandwidth.

Not quite sure why, but I’m inching up to 50,000 "hits" to my main page, and I’m averaging over 150 per day — so I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.  Anyway, I’m only alotted a certain amount of transfer bandwidth per month here at Typepad, and I have exceeded that for November.  First time that’s happened.  Maybe I should start thinking about ad revenue (ummmm….. nah!).

Anyway, this means a couple of things:

(1)  I’m not sure how much posting I will be able to do (this is, in fact, a test post).  If I can continue to post for the next few days, I will, but I’ll keep this post "promoted" to the top.

(2)  I’ll be migrating off of Typepad soon and acting as my own host, which means that you will find me only at, and not at / (right now, they are one and the same).  When this will take place, I can only guess.